About Me

Hey Guys!

Let’s start with the basics. My name is Arsheena Ashley Mohamed. I hate that name though so everyone calls me as Sheena which is why I like to say that the first two letters are silent.

I graduated in May of 2017 with an English degree from UCF but of course I don’t do anything with it because it’s an English degree. I’m kidding. I teach English online to Chinese kids with VIPKID. It’s pretty fun. Contact me if you’re interested. Maybe further down the line, I will teach abroad. For now, I just blog about my life so I don’t lose my average writing skills.

I’m married to a saxophone player. His name is Brandon. Check out his band HERE. Our one year anniversary was September 8th.  He’s wonderful but the general rule should be don’t date musicians. You know, just marry them and have their babies instead.

So we have a kid. Her name is Artemis — Arti for short. Incase you were wondering, we named her after the Olympian goddess of the hunt, moon, and chasity. She was born on Oct 4th and she’s the love of our life. She definitely wasn’t planned but she’s teaching us a lot.

Photo Cred: Christina Labrunda Photography