Make Money Buying Things You Already Buy

If you’re somebody that buys anything, you need this app. Ibotta is a free rebate app. You get money for buying everyday items like milk, cheese, and toilet paper. The biggest rebates are on alcohol. I’m talking good old wine, beer, and liquor alcohol. All you have to do is upload your receipts. No, this is not a scam. Take it from someone who has already gotten back over $100 in real life cash. Here’s how it works.

In a Nutshell

Ibotta has over 500,000 participating locations and I promise your local grocery store is one of them. You scroll through the app like your would if you were looking through a coupon book and select items you are planning on buying. After you buy these items,  you grab your receipt and hit redeem on the app. It will prompt you to take a picture of your receipt and ask you to select all the rebates you want to apply. It might ask you to scan a product or two out of your purchase for verification reasons. Then once your receipt is sent, you will see your account credited with the rebate amount.

While a majority of the rebates are for grocery list items, there are rebates for liquor stores, restaurants, bars, and select retail stores too. Like I said before, the biggest rebates are on alcohol. Also, if you make a purchase online through the app, you will get a percentage of your purchase back. On top of all that, Ibotta is very rewarding. The app gives you cash bonuses for various reasons. For instance, you’ll get bonuses when you redeem a certain amount of rebates in the given time period, redeeming rebates on specific combination of items, and for referring your friends.

What Items Are Rebated?

Ibotta gives rebates on select products like the ones you might find in a coupon book. There are national brands like Colgate, Tostino’s, and Glad.  The list goes on. With these items, I highly recommend the scan feature if you’re specifically buying to get the rebate. The app becomes very selective in the specific item whether is be the item’s count or the flavor. It can be easy to grab the wrong thing sometimes. With the scan feature, the app will verify whether or not you will get the rebate. All you have to do is scan the product’s barcode.

There are also give rebates on “any brand items.” This is for things like milk, shredded cheese, laundry detergent, etc. It is not selective in brand or specifics. If you like to shop for the cheapest item of the selection, then those rebates are for you.

Where To Shop For Rebates

Grocery stores are the majority of places to get rebates. Places like Walmart, Walgreens, and Whole Foods are all including in the list of national retailers that Ibotta works with.

Aside from those places, the app has “Any” locations including “Any Restaurant,” “Any Gas Station,” or “Any Liquor Store.” These are my favorite places to look for rebates on alcohol. I love Crown Royal and that always seems to be in my gallery.

Mobile Shopping

If you like to shop online, Ibotta will also give you rebates for that. It is usually a percentage of your total spent. I was thrilled to learn that was a retailer on the app. As an Amazon Prime member and an owner of a Amazon Chase Rewards card, I already spend money shopping with Amazon. Doing it with Ibotta gives me even more back in rewards.

The catch is you have to shop through the app. I usually select the items I want outside the app and then go back through Ibotta to cash out.

Teams and Bonuses

If getting money back on buying items you already buy isn’t enough, Ibotta offers bonuses as incentive. Bonuses are attained by redeeming a certain amount of rebates in a given time, redeeming select brands, and by referring friends.

There are also bonuses that must be achieved with your team. The bonus will state that you alone must redeem x amount of rebates and your team must redeem x amount of rebates. Because of this, I highly recommend that you join Ibotta by linking your Facebook. My team includes all of my Facebook friends and my team always satisfies the requirement for team bonuses.

If you don’t have a Facebook to link when you sign up, you can join my team by signing up with this link.

Here’s the Catch

Unfortunately, there is a $20 withdraw limit. You can’t spend your earnings right away. You have to wait until you’ve redeemed at least $20 before you can transfer your earnings into your Venmo or PayPal.

Additionally, you will only get out of it what you put into it. Ibotta rebates do require a little bit of time and effort to search and upload. Making sure the items are correct or asking for a itemized receipt can be a slightly inconveniencing too. My uploads take anywhere from 5-10 per shopping trip but if I’m being honest, I find it easily worth it.