Getting the Most Out of Your Baby Shower

There’s a baby on the way and included on that long list of things to do is throw a baby shower. What used to be a simple gathering to share baby tips and used items for the mother-to-be has become an extravagant, insta-worthy party with mimosas and registries. If you are the fortunate host, here’s a list of things that will help you shower the beautiful mom successfully.

1. Register at Amazon and Target

Of all places to register when preparing for a baby, Amazon and Target are musts. When you sign up with a baby registry here, they will gift you a nice sample of random baby supplies. Every registry sign up gift package is different but it’s definitely a good supply of products. I’m talking multiple baby bottles, Lysol wipes, and organic cotton swaddles.

If you’re a Prime Member on Amazon, the rewards are even more. For instance, my guests showered me with over $1000 in gifts from my registry and Amazon gave me $100 worth of diaper related products of my choosing.

2. Read Baby Bargains

Filling your registry can be overwhelming. The amount of capital that is made from the baby retail industry is kind of ridiculous. It’ll make you want to start a etsy shop designing onesies. Baby Bargains helped me decipher and sift through all the confusion. It’s a good break down of things you might be shopping for from strollers to play mats. It also helps you decide what is worth your money by thoughtfully explaining each items pros and cons.

3. Ask for Books Instead of a Card

Everyone usually brings a card with their gift. What you do with the cards is up to you. I personally throw them out because I have no soul and no use for garbage sitting around my house. If you’re not like me and you keep that stack of cards to collect dust in a drawer out of guilt you might want to try this instead. On the invites, I asked my guests to bring baby a book and leave a personalized note on the cover if they wished. My baby’s book shelf with quickly filled with thoughtfully picked books.

4. Have a Diaper Raffle

Another thing you can do is ask your guests to bring a pack of diapers or wipes in any size for a chance to win something in a drawing. I did this and I still haven’t had to buy any diapers or wipes for my 2 month old. I don’t even foresee having to buy any in the next couple months either. The raffle gift doesn’t even have to be anything extreme. I gifted a bath basket filled with Dollar store items and a note saying, “From my shower to yours.”

5. Encourage Hand-Me-Downs

Babies don’t usually wear things more than once because they grow so fast. They hardly give a second glance to their toys after a while too. Because of this, there are so many baby items that are in great condition. Add a note on the invitations encouraging your guests to bring used baby clothes and items along with their gifts and you’ll be surprised at how fast you fill up that nursery.