Three Free Apps to Use When Paying Off Debt

When it comes to handling money, I’m truly no expert. I’m constantly going through a vicious cycle of racking up debt, paying it off, getting a credit increase, and repeat. Obviously, with that kind of system, the amount of debt to pay off rises every cycle making it more difficult to handle especially including factors like intereste rates. With that, I’ve had to find ways of becoming more efficient and productive with my money when handling the debt. These three free apps are must haves for me.

Credit Karma

Even if raising your credit score isn’t your ultimate goal, debts and credit scores go hand in hand and a huge part in paying debt off is knowing where you stand. There are plenty of mediums out there for accomplishing this but basically, you want to have a place to go where you can see all your accounts in one view. For this, I use Credit Karma.

Credit Karma monitors your credit score but it also shows your total debt, gives a break down of what kind of debt it is, and tells you what to accounts you owe the debts. The app even breaks down the accounts from most owed to least owed which is helpful if you’re looking to take down your debt using the snowball method.

On top of monitoring your score, the app also shows you a personalized analysis of credit factors from hard inquiries to payment history that may be affecting your score. This is important to me because seeing my score rise as my debt goes down is super motivating.


When paying off debt, it’s helpful to have an extra source of income. Ibotta is my extra source. With this app, I get money for buying things I would normally buy anyway — things like bread, milk, toothpaste, alcohol, amazon purchases, etc.

Basically it’s just a rebate app. The way it works is you go through the app checking off what items you bought and then you upload an itemized receipt. Depending on what the item is, a credit will go to your account. You can redeem after you’ve reached $20 in rebates and it goes to your PayPal.

While a majority of the rebates are for grocery list items, there are rebates for liquor stores, restaurants, bars, and select retail stores too. The biggest rebates are on alcohol. Also, if you make a purchase online through the app, you will get a percentage of your purchase back. On top of all that, Ibotta is very rewarding. The app gives you cash bonuses for various reasons. For instance, you’ll get bonuses when you redeem a certain amount of rebates in the given time period, redeeming rebates on specific combination of items, and for referring your friends.

If you’re somebody that buys things, you should have this app. Sign up here!


Something I struggle with when I am chipping away at my debt is saving. Having a savings account is so important no matter what kind of financial situation you’re in. There must always be a back up plan for things that are not planned. That’s where Qapital comes in.

Qapital is a mobile banking app designed to help you meet your savings goal. The app has rules that you agree to and it will put money aside depending on how you spend. For instance, my saving’s goal is for $1000 and my rule is for every purchase I make the app will round up to the nearest $2 and save the difference for me. When I am more comfortable, I will probably raise that $2 to $5.

There are plenty of other rules to choose from too. The app can automatically transfer money when you’re paid or on a set day that you choose. You can have a weekly spending limit and the app can save what you don’t spend when the week is over. You can charge yourself a fee every time you spend money on something you shouldn’t with the guilty pleasure rule. You can even make your own rules.

There is no need to worry about overdrafting your account by saving. The app makes sure you have enough your account to participate in your rules. It pauses everything if not. When you’re ready to spend the money you’ve saved, you can do so with the Qapital debit card that is based out of an account created for you at Wells Fargo.

It’s free to sign up and you’ll get $5 when you use this link.