All the Bags You’ll Ever Need

Over the past couple years, I spent a lot of time traveling. I’m an expert at packing light and only taking necessary items. If you like to over pack, these probably won’t work for you unless you’re looking to switch to a minimalist lifestyle! Things I looked for in my bags were the ability to travel well, adaptability, and style.


I got this wallet as a present. I believe it was from urban outfitters. The best part about it is the detachable strap. When you’re not wearing it as a purse, you can take the strap off and stick it in whatever bag you’re using. If you just want your phone and some cash for a quick run, this is it!

Small Purse

I got this purse a long time ago and I’m not even sure where I got it anymore. It’s just a hollow bag with one zip on the inside. It seems pretty small but it will hold all the necessities. I use this when I need to carry some tampons and make up. It’ll even hold a standard size water bottle.

Large Purse

I call this my book purse. It’s the perfect size for a book or two and my iPadPro fits in it. I use it whenever I’m going to spend sometime reading and writing out of my house.  I don’t normally go on longer trips with this bag because it takes up too much room when packing minimally. Instead I use the bag right below a lot more.

Medium Backpack

I love this bag for traveling. This is always my personal bag when going on flights and vacations. It is extremely convertible. It interchanges between a backpack, satchel, and purse. On top of being extremely stylish, this bag has a lot of antitheft features. To get into the actual bag, you have to unlock the buttons and then unzip the main compartment. The small compartment is under that same set of buttons and is protected further by another set of buttons. Furthermore, there’s a zipper slot that rests against your back that I usually use for my cash, cards, and ID. Overall, the bag is a bit smaller than the standard size bag but it still holds a lot and manages to fit a laptop. With all the straps, I’ve also been able to rig the bag so it carries more bags when I got shopping. I got this bag here on Amazon when looking for the perfect day bag for my month in Europe.

Large Backpack

Like most of my bags, this bag interchanges between a backpack and a purse. I got this bag in Thailand of all places. It is extremely durable and I’ve used it on many occasions from work meetings to weekend trips. It has a laptop compartment and plenty of room in the other compartment for books and folders or clothes.  Without trying, this bag has a huge antitheft feature. In order to get into the main compartment of the bag, you have to take the bag off and release pressure on the straps. It’s not as flexible as a JanSport but I love the look of it. It goes between professional and casual very easily.


From hiking to amusement parks to trips to the beach, you need a camelback. The one I have is from Walmart. It holds two liters of water and has plenty of room for everything else. There are three extra compartments and two bottle holders on the side. My only complaint is there is no cover on the bite valve but it is possible to order one on Amazon that comes with it if that’s a huge concern for you.

Carry-On Bag


Of all the bags I own, this one is by far the most expensive bag but well worth it. Of course, it has the capability to interchange between a satchel hold or a backpack hold. It has lots of compartments and each of them compact to hold a surprising amount of items. I used this bag and my medium backpack on my 30-day tour around Europe. No matter how you stuff it, this bag is the maximum legal size carry on which is perfect when you don’t want to worry about your suitcase getting lost or receiving a bag from baggage claim. And size you can wear it on your back, you don’t have to worry about wheeling it around all kinds of streets or stairs.

Carry-On Suitcase


When I’m not backpacking from hostel to hostel and I have a more relaxed trip, I use this suitcase. It’s your standard size carry-on suitcase with the expandable zip capability. I love carry-ons because airports don’t usually weigh them and if you use vacuum sealed bags, you can fits loads into a suitcase. I also never ask for help from attendants getting my carry-on in the overhead for fear of them deciding to weigh my bag; I ask strong-looking strangers instead.


On the rare occurance that I can’t fit everything into my carry-ons, I use my huge military size bag. I own two of them and my husband has one. If I’m being honest, I’ve only had to use them when moving or when going on very long winter trip. They are convertible between a duffle and a backpack. They can get quite heavy when packing but work way better than a large suitcase on flights where you need to watch the weight.

Baby Bag

With my newest addition, I had to look into getting a baby bag. This bag is by far my most favorite bag that I never knew I needed. I added to my baby registry on amazon and received it as a present. It’s a backpack and works great for travel. This bag opens up like a suitcase. It has a laptop compartment and a couple extra smaller compartments on the front. One size is a baby wipe compartment with a zip and the other size is an adjustable, insulated holder for baby bottles or water bottles. It comes with a changing pad and packing cubes that are super cute. My favorite part about it is the luggage sleeve on the back that is perfect for sticking on the handle of your favorite carry on. Right below that is a hidden zip pocket for storing valuables like your phone, ID, cash, and cards. The top of the bag has two stroller straps that you can use to attach the bag to any stroller because of its flexibility. Even if you don’t have a baby, you would probably want this bag. Get it here.