Packing a Hospital Bag

As a first time mommy, I had no idea what I would need to take in my hospital bag. I’ve always imagined my trip to the hospital being as depicted in the movies with my water breaking and my husband and I rushing to make it to the hospital on time. It’s not really like that at all for all women. That’s just the most dramatic scenerio. As it turns out, my water never broke but I had a growing intensity of contractions for about a day and a half before we decided it was time to take me in. After hours of research on what other moms packed for their hospital stay, the lists below explain what I ended up taking.

Baby’s Bag

My baby bag is actually one of my favorite things. It’s super cute backpack and designed for travel. It was bit on the pricier end for a bag but honestly, it’s the perfect bag for all my needs. Here’s the link for the baby bag.

Below is a list of things I packed in that bag.

  • short sleeve onesie (3)
  • long sleeve onesie
  • long sleeve footie pajamas
  • swaddle blanket
  • mittens
  • hat
  • hand sanitizer
  • togo healthcare and grooming kit
  • baby wipes
  • diapers (3)
  • burp cloth
  • wash clothes
  • socks (2)
  • pants (2)
  • birth plan
  • journal
  • iPad
  • baby memory book
  • a copy of “Oh the Places You’ll Go”
  • snacks 
  • chargers
  • portable charger
  • GoPro
  • wallets

Mommy and Daddy’s Bag

For our bag, we used a small carry on. It’s black and gold and matches our baby bag.

  • a thick robe
  • a thin robe
  • booties
  • socks (2 pairs each)
  • underwear for mom (2)
  • shower slippers
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpaste
  • nipple cream
  • belly cream
  • face wash
  • hair brush and comb
  • dry shampoo
  • soap
  • shampoo
  • deodorants
  • perfume
  • going home outfit for mom
  • t-shirt dress
  • basketball shorts for dad (2)
  • t-shirts for dad (2)
  • boxers (2)
  • neck pillow
  • diapers for mommy
  • more snacks
  • cash

Other Things

  • car seat
  • stroller
  • Boppy pillow
  • water bottles

Things that are bolded are the things we actually ended up using.

The things we didn’t use are still good things to have depending on how your birth experience goes. I honestly believe we might have had more energy to use everything packed if we didn’t arrive at the hospital at 3am.

We ended up using the minimum of our things when it came to things we packed for the baby. The hospital was very generous and we decided to take advantage of everything that was provided. We took home two pairs of hats, a stack of diapers, and wiping cloths.

Brandon almost used the neck pillow to take a nap but he decided he couldn’t sleep and got coffee instead. I ended up losing all modesty when it came to being clothed or else I might have used my robes. I never thought about my booties and actually wish I brought slides instead. I didn’t use my underwear because I loved the adult diapers.